Go Pro Rental

$85.50 USD $90.00

Capture every adrenaline-filled moment with our GoPro Rental service! Rent a GoPro camera complete with a 32GB micro SD card and access to GoPro accessories, ensuring you never miss a thrilling second of your adventure. Book now to enhance your experience and create lasting memories!

This package includes:

  • GoPro camera rental
  • Brand new 32GB Micro SD card
  • Choice of 1 GoPro accessory rental (Helmet, Selfie Stick, Harness)

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  • Prior experience with digital recording devices is essential.
  • With 32GB, you can record approximately up to 1 hour in 4K format at 25fps.
  • The Micro SD card included in this package will be delivered to the customer.
  • Additional storage space can be purchased at the park for an extra cost.
  • Wild Canyon holds no responsibility for recorded or unrecorded content by the client.
  • We strongly advise keeping your Micro SD card in a secure location upon leaving the park, as it is a small device that can easily be misplaced, and Wild Canyon does not provide backups.
  • The purchase and use of this product are the sole responsibility of the buyer; refunds are not available.